Thats supposed to be Luhan but he ended up looking extremely generic. Oh well.
And I forgot Mordecai’s tail.

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Recent stuff.

Oct 2013 to now. I think I’ve improved some.

Some Nico Di Angelo.

Other stuff from this weekend.

Recent stuff.

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Stuff done during lunch breaks at work.

First pic’s base pose roughly referenced from Sergi Brosa.

Second pic’s faces at the bottom referenced from Ricardo Bessa's cafe drawings to get a feel for facial diversity.

Third pic is an attempt at a quick screencap redraw of Oofuri.

I should probably doodle less and maybe do something polished for the first time in forever. :/

Pushing Daisies and random stuff.

I hate loving cancelled shows.

Doodles, hand study, and trying out this pose study thing inspired by Ricardo Bessa's pose thing that I'm not good enough to do justice quite yet. D:

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OCs with no set names yet, and Bravest Warriors doodles.

I also tried redrawing an old failed doodle (of Akashi) to see if I’ve improved and while this one is better, it’s not a very significant improvement…. this is depressing.

I feel like I’m only able to draw comfortably on weekends.

Have some batfam trials, and a bunch of other random stuff. (I’m sorry I didn’t draw any New 52 additions nor did I draw Babs. Kudos to guessing who’s who since they all look alike. :[)